Buy our extra special Welsh PGI lamb online. Whether you require a leg of lamb, a French trimmed rack of lamb ribs or a Welsh half lamb box, your purchase can be made below and either collected from our butcher’s shop or delivered directly to your home.

Our Extra Special Welsh Lamb comes from the lush, natural pastures of North Wales mainly from the Conwy Valley, Anglesey and the Vale of Clwyd.

These lush pastures provide ideal conditions to produce what is arguably some of the finest lamb available anywhere. With full traceability you can be sure of the highest standards possible of animal welfare and quality. This type of lamb is available throughout the year beginning with the superb new season spring lamb in May.

Salt Marsh Welsh Lamb 

Salt Marsh Welsh Lamb from the salt marshes of Anglesey, our lamb was recommended by Rick Stein in his Food Heroes TV series. Indeed, many a parcel of our Salt Marsh Welsh lamb in the past has found its way to a certain costal village called Padstow!
This lamb is normally available between June and October - it's simply superb.

New Season Welsh Spring Lamb

During the month of May, when the freshness of springtime is all around us, this time of year usually marks the much anticipated arrival of our famous New Season Welsh Spring Lamb.  Our special New Season Welsh Lamb mainly comes from the wonderful lowland farms of the Conwy Valley and the lush pastures of the Vale of Clwyd where the temperature and climate is more forgiving and thereby earlier in giving than the much later Welsh Mountain lamb.

Welsh Mountain Lamb

During the later part of the year Welsh Mountain lamb becomes available. This hardy and indigenous breed is full of flavour, grazing pastures that have never been farmed in the modern sense. Animal welfare and traditional farming methods are the order of the day with the lamb coming from the many mountainous areas within a 30 mile radius of our shop.

Our lamb has always the correct amount of fat cover for succulence and taste. The meat is then matured for a minimum period to ensure tenderness.